"Liz was very warm and knowledgable. Great coverage of topics" Daniel, January 2013

"You go in with the knowledge you already know and walk out with a lot more! 10/10" Nawaal, January 2013

'The fact that it was a small group was great. All of the info taught was really good, and your both very knowledgeable. Love the fact that you've worked in public and private hospitals'
Anon, March 2012

"This course has great information and empowers mothers and partners and encourages free choice"
March, 2012'

'I would recommend this course as is very informative and dispels a lot of "wrong" advice my friends and family were giving me - so very important'
Aneta, April 2010

"Liz and Louise are full of information and both being mums have been through it and can share some great info and stories. It gave us good insight into pregnancy, birth and after baby is born. I didn't know half the stuff and now I feel I know a lot"
Anonymous, June 2010

'I would definitely recommend the course - it is very informative, uses different teaching techniques, and is interactive'
Tamara, April 2010

'10/10! The course exceeded my expectations and was better than anticipated - have already recommended to others'
Steven, March 2010
'Great topics covered and the facilitation was very informative and professional yet intimate and personal. The course covered all topics and gave a full 360 degree view to be allowed to make your own opinion'
Cassie, March 2010

"Fantastic course... Prepares you for not just the birth but also post baby being born"
Anonymous, June 2010

'This course exceeded my expectations. Very informative for a complete novice like myself; group size was perfect' Lee, February 2010