What the course covers...

What is Labour?
  • How do we know when it has started?
  • When do we call our care provider or go to hospital?
  • Stages of labour - early labour, active labour, transition stage, 2nd and 3rd stages of labour
  • Knowing your bump and baby -Learning about amniotic fluid, placentas and your cervix
Birth Process and Active Birth

  • What happens in natural Birth?
  • Active birth - upright positions, walking and mobility in labour and birth, positions for easier birth
  • Benefits and disadvantages with different birth positions
  • Ways for support people or partners to help with pain and support you
  • Happy hormones and their role in birth and the effect of fear and adrenaline on a labour -letting go!
Variations of Normal

  • What is an induction and why might it be offered to us?
  • What happens if we choose an induction?
  • Interventions in labour - syntocinon drips, epidurals 
  • Benefits vs Risks of different pain relief options - epidural, pethidine, nitrous oxide gas (happy gas)
  • Cascade of Intervention
  • Assisted birth - vacuum, forceps birth and cesarean sections, episiotomies
Your Baby
  • Normal behaviour after birth - the importance of skin to skin contact and the first feed
  • Apgar scores
  • Bathing, Injections offered  - Vitamin K and Hepatitis B Vaccination.
  • Feeding your baby - breastfeeding and formula feeding discussion - advantages vs disadvantages, normal breastfeeding patterns and basics of how breastfeeding works.
  • Settling your newborn - wrapping, bathing, handling techniques
  • What do I really need to buy for my baby?

Skills for Birth and Parenthood
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Problem Solving
  • Resource knowledge
  • Decision Making
  • Self Awareness
Bonus follow-up class after baby is born
  • Review of normal newborn behaviour
  • Parenting and relationship changes
  • Breastfeeding challenges and where to get further help
  • Settling techniques refreshed and who to contact if difficulties arise
  • Postnatal feelings - exploring Postnatal depression
  • Time for reflection on Birth Journey - open discussion